Are you struggling to come up with SEO-optimized titles, meta, and headings? Well, worry no more! ALPS has recently launched an exciting new update that’s about to change the content creation game.

Now, you can effortlessly generate SEO-optimized content for the most important aspects of your content: the titles, meta descriptions, H1s, H2s, and H3s.

Just choose your most preferred keyword and let ALPS’ generative AI do the work for you. No more writer’s block – say hello to stress-free content creation.

About our latest update

At ALPS, we have always been committed to listening to our user feedback and incorporating the most sought-after features.

We are thrilled to introduce you to our latest update that takes your content to new heights.

In our Content Simulation tool, we have gone beyond just providing improvement recommendations and taken a giant leap forward by generating actual content for you based on your keyword preferences.

Imagine this: you have a few preferred keywords in mind and want to optimize your content around it. With ALPS’ latest update, you can now achieve that seamlessly.

ALPS uses generative AI to analyze your chosen keywords and generate content ideas for various elements of your content, like the title, meta description, and headers (H1, H2, H3).

This means you have several optimized options to choose from to improve your content for both search engines and your target audience.

You can now confidently choose the best title, meta description, and headers that align with your keyword and resonate with your target audience.

We aim to improve not only the efficiency of your content creation process but also the quality of your final output.

With ALPS’ latest update, you have the power to supercharge your content optimization efforts and quickly create impactful, SEO-friendly content that drives results.

How to use the update?

Let’s look at an example where we will optimize the content for the page Personal Loans for Debt Consolidation | Credello [July’23] for the keywords “personal loans,” and “debt consolidation.”

Let’s dig in!

Start by choosing the content you want to optimize or rewrite. In this case we will try to rewrite the page title for our target keywords using ALPS.

Next click on “optimize.”

Upon clicking “optimize,” the tool will open a new screen to let you choose the preferred keywords among your pre-selected keywords for the content you are trying to rewrite/optimize.

In this case we chose “debt consolidation” keyword for our title.

Post choosing your preferred keyword, click on “Generate Title Recommendations.

Now you can see all the recommended titles for your preferred keyword choice.

Note: Feel free to regenerate the recommendations in case they don’t match your expectations.

Next, you can select any option from the recommendations and click on “Add to Editor.

The chosen content will replace the existing content you had directly to the editor.

The result:

Follow the same process to generate recommendations for other aspects of your webpage content (meta, H1, H2, H3)


ALPS’ latest update can be a game-changer for content creators.

From providing improvement recommendations to generating relevant content, we’ve transformed how you optimize the most important aspects of your content.

Why settle for mediocrity when you can access a plethora of ideas tailored to outperform your competitors for the target keywords?

Still skeptical?

Try our free content simulation tool and optimize your content effortlessly. Just put in your work email id and get instant access. No credit card needed!

About ALPS

ALPS is a leading enterprise SEO platform that transforms how enterprises do their organic marketing. ALPS is built to solve critical SEO challenges like unpredictability, complexity, and high time to results with data-driven insights and the ability to predict the performance impact before committing to changes. ALPS is powered by sophisticated AI technology that reverse engineers Google’s algorithm to make SEO more agile, efficient, and predictable for enterprises. Additionally, ALPS offers dedicated client support and service packs designed to fill competency gaps in any SEO team.