What you can achieve?

Evaluate topical opportunities

Easily understand the performance potential of each topic and identify the right topics to target

Discover likelihood to win 

Get the exact difficulty to rank for any keyword, theme, or topic

Prioritize Investments

Maximize ROI by prioritizing your SEO investments based on potential opportunity size and difficulty to rank

Scenario planning  

Build scenarios, and create business plan to hit your goals based on resource availability and difficulty to win 

Create a strategic plan that delivers better SEO results & maximizes ROI 

Know which themes to go after based on the effort required to win on content, authority, and technical parameters. Easily prioritize and focus on the right improvement areas to maximize your ROI.   


Opportunity Planning Differentiators

Dynamic opportunity assessment  

A sophisticated CTR model to forecast the exact opportunity size available for different positions 

Accurate difficulty estimates  

Get precise difficulty scores using proprietary ALPS scoring algorithm to understand your likelihood to win for different positions 

Scenario builder 

Choose target rank for all themes, get estimated traffic gains, and associated difficulty 


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