What you can achieve?

Initiative Prioritization

Based on difficulty levels and traffic opportunities, prioritize your SEO improvement efforts  

Comprehensive Assessment   

Uncover content, authority, and technical gaps with top-ranking competitors on every page 

Extensive Benchmarking

For all ranking factors like on-page elements, backlinks, core web vitals, etc., compare your page against the top competitors

Find gaps for all pages and prioritize SEO efforts

Benchmark your page against top competitors and figure out the gaps across content, authority, and technical parameters. Get an accurate picture of improvement areas for all your web pages at once. Prioritize your improvement efforts based on effort, opportunity size, and difficulty.


Page Audit Differentiators

Score-based Analysis

Identify SEO performance gaps of any page with objective, easy-to-understand, and actionable scores


Prioritize your improvement initiatives based on score gaps and difficulty levels


Understand your page’s gap for the content, authority, and technical ranking factors


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