What you can achieve?

Keyword research for any scale 

Get comprehensive keyword research done for a topic, a specific page, or your entire website with minimal effort 

Target the right keywords   

Make informed keyword choices by filtering your primary & secondary keywords based on search volume and relevancy 

Easy topic identification 

Find different variations of any topic with ready-to-use filters and categorical grouping of themes  

Custom keyword grouping 

Choose keyword groups based on your preference with added flexibility to add or remove any keyword of your choice 


Research keywords for multiple locations & countries

Perform in-depth keyword research and quickly identify the most relevant keywords to target 

Automatically analyze large data sets and find a comprehensive list of related keywords for any topic. Use filters to remove irrelevant keywords easily and find the keywords that provide the most value.   


Keyword Research Differentiators

Automated theming  

Automatic grouping of keywords into themes and subcategories based on semantic similarity & relevancy

Relevance scores  

Find the most relevant keywords to your topic based on relevance scores assigned to each keyword and drive rank & traffic improvements

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