What you can achieve?


Create a comprehensive content outline that ensures that you resonate with your audience and rank better on search engine results pages 

Minimize research

Get from content idea to comprehensive brief in minutes


Accumulate key insights from top-ranking pages. Get insights on keywords, competitor pages, Questions to answer, phrases to use, headlines, titles, and meta description that are performing well  

Increase writers’

Avoid numerous iterations, missed deadlines, and any added expenses. Deliver your content writers with valuable insights they need to write optimized content that ranks 

Generate well-researched content briefs with just a click   

Generate briefs that help you create high-ranking content in minutes. Based on your preferred keywords, find top ranking pages, their benchmarked scores, and granular insights to create a brief that helps content writers create performing content. 


Content Brief Differentiators

Relevance Score 

Proprietary ALPS relevance scores for all applicable phrases, headlines, titles, and meta description to help you shape the most impactful content  


Compare all the top ranked pages with benchmarked content scores, readability grade, and length in words

Detailed Research  

Compare, understand, and come up with better content by exploring granular details from top ranking pages like keyword targeted, phrases used, questions answered, metadata, titles, etc  


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