Suppose you are a business owner or a marketer. In that case, it’s guaranteed that some time or the other, you’ve already asked yourself, ‘How to gain backlinks for my site to increase visibility and earn more organic traffic?’

However, things get complicated when you realize you need links from authoritative sites, not just those sponsored or paid for.

This post will discuss some advanced link-building best practices in 2022 for beginners and professional marketers.

Let’s start with the basics first.

What is Link Building?

Link building is about gaining hyperlinks (backlinks) from other relevant and authoritative websites to your website.

The aim is to inform search engines that your website is a trustworthy source of information and make sure that your pages rank high enough on the search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords.

Why is Link Building So Important?

Link building is essential to any SEO strategy because it signals search engines about your web pages and lets them determine which pages should rank higher in the SERPs depending on your expertise and authority in your niche.

There are a few critical aspects to remember when building your links. You must know that all links are equal.

For example, a link from a high authority website like .gov websites will have a greater impact on your search rankings than getting links from a newly built website with low authority.

Your primary focus should be to earn links from websites with higher domain authority. 

What Links Should You Build to Improve SEO?

Before we start understanding the link building strategies for 2022, it’s essential to know the types of links you must build for your site.

The Referring Domain or Page Authority

Links from highly authoritative websites positively impact search rankings much more than links coming from new websites or pages from low-authority websites.

Similarly, the referring source’s overall domain authority also influences the link’s quality.

You can check the precise page authority of any URL using a tool like

Relevance of the Referring Website

Regarding the quality of links, another element that matters most is the relevance of the referring link.

If you run a website about taxi services, will it be ok to acquire a link from an authoritative website in the SEO domain?

The answer is No!

You can acquire links from authoritative websites most relevant to your website or niche to build high-quality links.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the word or phrase over which your link is placed. Search engines use anchor texts to figure out what the linked page is about. 

Therefore, your anchor text must be relevant to the content of your web page.

Also, the words and phrases around your link must be relevant to what your page is about.

The Placement of the Links

Another critical factor that influences the quality of a backlink is its position or placement on the page.

Links should be included in a piece of content and must not just be buried in the sidebar, footer, author bio, or data sources.

Links present in footers and sidebars are not as helpful as contextual links that are embedded in the body of a page’s content.

It would be best if you aim to gain in-context links from the main body of a page or blog post.

Nofollow vs. Dofollow Links

You can add a “nofollow” attribute (rel= “nofollow”) to your link, which sends signals to Google about not passing any PageRank or link juice to the linked paged. 

It is equivalent to informing search engines not to associate the two websites from a ranking standpoint.

Dofollow links inform search engines to pass on authority (PageRank) and reliability to your web page.

The greater number of dofollow links is regarded as a signal of a powerful link profile.

5 Best Link Building Best Practices for 2022

Ensure to Write Quality Content

It is known that only good quality content can capture an audience’s attention and make them share it. 

Though the number of links isn’t that critical for SEO today, the need for quality is a must. 

So, what is good content?

Good content is:

  • Should address specific user queries
  • Should solve problems, provide helpful answers, and call to mind creative ideas 
  • Should be unique, authentic, and worth publishing and sharing
  • Should use strong messages and emotions

Be Selective

It’s ok to knock on several doors and reach out to as many prospects as possible. But don’t forget about the quality. 

Certain backlinks are spammy and poor-quality links that can hurt your SEO ranking. 

Therefore, first, you need to list resources from which you would like to get backlinks.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Look at your high-ranking competitors
  • Request to be included in industry-related digests and other top articles in the SERPs to look natural among other resources from that niche
  • Search for non-linked mentions of your website and fix them
  • Interact to carve the way for long-term cooperation

Encourage Long-Term Collaboration

Guest blogging is one of the most useful methods to acquire backlinks from other resources. 

But remember that long-term partnerships with a trusted source are more effective than an off post.

When you publish your post on other websites, you have improved your likelihood of acquiring a higher ranking and boosting traffic. You will also gain the ability to engage more qualified leads. 

However, there’s no assurance that a relevant, well-researched article or blog post will gain enough traction just because you posted it in a reliable resource in your niche.

This is precisely why long-term collaboration matters.

Create High-quality and Attractive Visuals

The best way to attract someone’s attention is to be precise in your messaging. 

For instance, infographics can break down and clarify complex ideas. For this, any content with superior visuals, mainly when they manage to go viral, quickly acquires a lot of high-quality backlinks without even requesting them.

Today, due to modern data analysis tools like, it’s more straightforward to figure out what specific audiences want to see or read. 

Some examples of visual content include images, videos, reports or studies, images, and how-to guides. 

Adding education with visual representation will help you reach your audience faster and capture their attention. 

Brand Building

The end goal of any link building strategy in 2022 and beyond is not just to boost organic search traffic but also to create your brand or website in a way that, when it comes to a specific topic or queries, the first one people think of is you.

This often necessitates building your brand in your niche.

To accomplish this, you must develop continuing and productive associations with other industry leaders. 

Always search for potential partners and connect with people from the industry or niche. 

Also, don’t forget to interact with your audience. But there’s no guarantee that you would get their support instantly.

However, slowly, and steadily, your audience will get to know you better and start trusting your content. You can:

  • Introduce yourself via email
  • Offer helpful advice wherever needed
  • Answer the queries of your subscribers
  • Leave honest comments 
  • Don’t promote yourself just for the sake of promotion 

Finally, with all the above in place, as you continue developing your brand name, you will create a large enough audience base that will always go to you for answers on your specific niche.

Final Thoughts

Link-building or planning on how you can acquire high-quality backlinks is an essential aspect of any SEO research process. However, it can be challenging until you improve your knowledge and practice proven effective tactics.

As link-building techniques continue to grow, you must be ready to learn and bring the above best practices to life constantly.

Now that you are accustomed to some of the most effective link building strategies in 2022, it’s your turn to experience how they perform.

Take up this challenge and use to accompany your link-building journey!

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