What you can achieve?

In-depth topical

Discover all the relevant topics that exist, and find exactly which topics & underlying keywords are in demand


Understand the demand, traffic, and share of voice for different competitor domains across the entire topical landscape


For every competitor, find specific keyword groups and pages that are capturing the user demand

Demand & performance

Readily find patterns in demand and performance by slicing and dicing data using comprehensive set of filters across different time periods 

Understand demand across entire topical landscape 

Analyze demand, traffic, and share of voice metrics of your entire topical landscape at once. Identify which topics your competitors are winning, and its underlying volume, traffic, and rank data to target right opportunities  


Share of Voice Differentiators

Dynamic CTR model 

A sophisticated CTR model that adjusts based on changing SERP elements to get precise opportunity size for every position

Unlimited domain tracking  

Automated tracking of unlimited competitor domains relevant to your topical area

No configuration needed 

All the competing domains are automatically configured out of the box. So that you get usable competitive analysis without any manual effort

Granular analysis 

Get granular insights on your competition at category, theme, sub-theme, and keyword level 


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