What you can achieve?

Improve backlink profile  

Get recommendations to add high-quality potential backlinks and flag irrelevant backlinks  

Comprehensive audit    

Get the overall health of your domains’ backlink profile with domain rating distribution, URL rating distribution, relevance, and most frequently occurring anchor texts 

Competitive analysis 

Know where you stand against competition on domain rating, number of backlinks, number of referring domains, and links to domain ratio   

Improve domain authority with actionable backlink insights 

Audit the backlink profile for your domain or individual pages. Get improvement recommendations on adding high-quality potential backlinks and removing irrelevant backlinks to drive gains in authority.   


How are we unique with this feature?

Competitive benchmarking  

Compare your site’s backlink profile with competition and know the areas of improvement

Backlink opportunity 

For selected keywords, see ranking URLs that mention them, and find backlinks that are present in your competitor’s profiles but not in yours

Backlink health 

Get health status for every backlink in terms of domain rating, URL rating, and relevance 


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