The Secret Behind SEO Success: Estimate and Optimize your Content’s Rank as You Create It

58 : 08 min

Patrick Snajder


If your content is helpful to your customers’ success but is not earning page rank or traffic, now may be the right time to shift your SEO strategy. Leveraging Data Science, marketers today can predict the google rank of their content and take measures to improve it even before publishing. 

Join Patrick Snajder, iQuanti’s Head of Content, as he discusses how you can forecast and improve SERP ranking, gain deep insights on trends in competitive performance and identify opportunities to optimize and create content for performance against top competitors. 

Watch this webinar to learn how to: 

  • Score your current page’s content for relevance to a target keyword set 
  • Write and optimize copy to increase relevance to a targeted query 
  • Iterate using content recommendations and compare against competitors’ content 
  • Forecast the impact of content changes prior to publication 
About Presenter

Patrick Snajder 
Head of Content 

Patrick Snajder has over 25 years of experience in developing scalable content solutions for leading global brands. 

He has led large teams of production editors, copywriters, designers, creators, and project teams to drive simpler, consistent, and more impactful content that drives results. 

As Head of Content at iQuanti, Patrick leads the content efforts for some of the world’s largest BFSI organizations.