How to Create and Optimize Content for Higher Google Rankings

55 min

Ajay Rama

SVP, Products


Apoorv Gadwal

Director, Product Management, ALPS

To consistently create content that performs well on Google, you need a proven plan. A reliable approach that can be applied to maximize the Google rank of your content. Once you have a topic in mind, we will walk you through key exercises that you need to undertake to create better ranking content. 

Apoorv Gadwal, Director of Product Management at ALPS, and Ajay Rama, SVP Products of iQuanti, will discuss how easy it is for anyone to create content, with a proven plan, that performs well on Google. 

In this presentation, you’ll learn: 

  • The best way to find opportunities within your topic so that you can rank. 
  • How to research, plan, and structure your content. 
  • How to monitor performance and regularly refresh content to maintain rank. 
About Presenters

Ajay Rama 
Senior Vice President, Products, iQuanti 

As head of products, Ajay Rama is responsible for iQuanti’s product & platform strategy, road-map and execution. Ajay has over 20 years of experience in Marketing Analytics, Data Science and Data warehousing. 

Apoorv Gadwal
Director, Product Management, ALPS  

Apoorv has 14+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, SEO, and Product Management. He is a Key- member spearheading the product management for ALPS, he is responsible to envision and develop cutting-edge features.