How We Create The Perfect SEO Brief That Aligns Teams & Beats Competition

1 hour

Ajay Rama

Product Head,

Does aligning SEO goals with multiple teams and departments feel oddly like herding cats?

To add fuel to the ever-extending timeline, you may have uninformed stakeholders who need to provide their input as well.

Marketing, SEO, and content teams all share the same goals, but how aligned are you in creating content that is timely and consistently effective?

It’s time to try the perfect SEO brief.

Attend our webinar to learn how to create a well-coordinated brief that will seamlessly connect your teams, elevate your content program, and outperform your competitors.

You’ll learn how to craft an ideal content brief that helps you:

  • Create comprehensive content that answers users’ needs.
  • Align Marketing, SEO, and content teams on exact content details.
  • Optimize from the very beginning.

About the presenter:

Ajay Rama 
Product Head,

Ajay Rama, Product Head of, will show you how to consistently work effectively with content teams and build quality content. Ajay has over 20 years of experience in Marketing Analytics, Data Science and Data warehousing.