Financial Express: Why SEO Needs to be a Priority for Start-Ups Looking to Scale

Financial Express: Why SEO Needs to be a Priority for Start-Ups Looking to Scale

“One of the biggest challenges that start-ups face”, says Aditya Saxena (VP APAC, iQuanti), “is how to be discoverable.” Growing your brand should be one of your top priorities to ensure continued success and this is where Search optimization can offer your business great advantages.

In his latest article, published on Financial Express, Aditya offers some practical tips to entrepreneurs on how SEO can be a powerful tool for brand building and demand generation. Good SEO is about more than driving traffic to a site or reaching a more significant number of consumers. It is about being discovered by potential prospects who are looking for the products or services you are offering. More importantly, it is also about building the trust factor in the minds of your customers.

“Many consumers trust Google’s rankings, and when they see a site being ranked consistently high by Google, they are more open to buying its products or services”, he states.

Understanding what your customers are searching for in Google also gives your business a unique insight into their needs and priorities. A business focusing on SEO is better positioned to identify and analyze any behavioral changes in their customer’s search patterns. By following what consumers search for online by the strategic use of keywords, start-ups can understand their market and how to influence it.

In addition to how SEO helps enhance your customer understanding and how your business is perceived by them, a brand’s investment in sustainable growth tactics like SEO also inspires confidence amongst seasoned investors. Predictability on key performance indicators like an increasing trajectory for new customer acquisition, reduced customer acquisition growth, increased customer lifetime value, growth in natural traffic, and improved brand awareness, is precisely what investors look for when committing funds.

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