Entrepreneur: How Strategic Search Investments Can Improve Brand Awareness & Generate Business

Entrepreneur: How Strategic Search Investments Can Improve Brand Awareness & Generate Business

iQuanti’s Aditya Saxena (VP, APAC) writes in Entrepreneur.com about how a strategic approach and investment strategy can drive strong digital performance and revenue growth through the search channel.

Enterprises and small businesses in India are increasingly realizing the inherent potential of the Search channels in driving acquisitions. While Search has become an integral part of their marketing strategy, there is still a need to bridge gaps and overcome challenges – establishing measurable goals, overcoming organizational and technical challenges, and bridging the talent gap.

More often than not, enterprises tend to underinvest in SEO. Paid Search yields more immediate and predictive results, making ROI calculations and projections more direct. However, it is critical for businesses to recognize the value of organic search and step up from a siloed approach. Organizations need to look at their Search channels holistically – where the organic and paid search is complementary, to help unlock the true potential of this channel.

Aditya talks about three main advantages of a holistic approach to Search:

  • Optimizing engagement across all stages of the customer journey
  • Identifying and effectively fixing existing content gaps
  • Ensuring efficiency by optimizing CPAs across different funnel stages.

Aditya affirms that dominance in Search requires an interplay of different factors – building a strong foundation, developing the right talent, adopting technological differentiators and institutionalizing a searchability culture across all business functions.

“With digital channels fuelling the growth stories of big and small businesses in India”, states Aditya, “having a concrete search strategy in place is not only a unique differentiator, but a license to play, and win, in an already saturated market.”

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