About Client

The client is a US-based healthcare insurance provider on a mission to improve the entire healthcare system, starting with health insurance. The client specializes in providing health cost reimbursement plans as a recognized leader in QSEHRA administration for small employers. With a presence in all 50 states, the client aspires to create a consumer-centric system that promotes individual insurance plans.

The Challenge

The client had a small team of 2 in-house members and 1 freelancer responsible for complete digital marketing, including SEO. However, though they had enough subject matter expertise in their niche, they had little to no exposure to SEO.

Due to this, the following are some of the challenges the client faced:

  • The team could not devote enough time to SEO analysis and research 
  • Not enough bandwidth to learn SEO from scratch and start implementation
  • Provide the freelancer with the exact pointers to create high-performing content
  • Could not realize how to create and optimize content that ranks

This resulted in the client not ranking high enough for their strategic keywords in their niche like “ichra pros and cons, “health insurance for small business owner,” and “group health insurance for small business.”

Value Realized with ALPS

The client chose ALPS as their SEO enabler to maximize SEO impact without overstretching their small team. This involves the ease of usage, efficiency that it brings to SEO, the comprehensiveness it brings in terms of the topics to cover, phrases to use in content, creating content outlines, etc.

Some of the key ALPS capabilities leveraged by the client were:

Content Brief to improve Content Quality and efficiency

First, to reduce the time taken for research and analysis, increase bandwidth, and create high-quality content efficiently for strategic non-branded keywords, the client’s team leveraged the ALPS Content Brief feature.

This allowed them to:

  • Streamline the content creation process from the external resource (freelancer)
  • Reduce the number of iterations
  • Increase their bandwidth to create new content pieces
  • Cut down the research time
  • Consistently create performing content pieces

Content Simulation to create SEO-optimized copies

Second, to solve the challenge of optimizing their content easily for both human readers and search engine crawlers and improving content scores, the client leveraged the ALPS Simulation feature.

This allowed them to:

  • Validate the rank and traffic impact before publishing any changes
  • Objectively measure the Content scores for themselves and their competition
  • Efficiently create SEO-optimized copies
  • Increase the number of pages ranking on Page 1

Gap Analysis to ascertain cause of non-performance

Third, to determine the exact reason for losing out to the competitors and not ranking on Page 1 for the target keywords, the client’s team initiated the performance audit of the entire domain through ALPS.

This allowed the client to prioritize their improvement efforts for the future.

Some key findings that came out were:

  1. Discontinued service blogs were the biggest contributor to the rank drop
  2. Lack of optimization for the content
  3. Not enough new content was being created
  4. Low Domain Authority compared to the closest competition
  5. Very few backlinks with >40 Domain Rating
  6. Not adequate mobile friendliness

Results: 47% Keywords Started Ranking on Page 1 Post Simulation

After publishing the content that was optimized using ALPS Simulation feature, the healthcare insurance provider experienced the following results from Jan 2022 to July 2022:

  1. Improved content performance for 6 priority URLs post-simulation
    • 47% keywords started ranking on Page 1
    • 23% increase in Search Volume coverage
    • 30 Keywords started ranking on Page 1 post-simulation
    • 2X Improved Content Scores for the priority pages post-simulation
  2. Improved keyword performance for 81 other URLs post simulation
    • 41% keywords started ranking on Page 1
    • 23% of keywords showed marked rank improvements
  3. Significant rank improvements for all strategic keywords, including Rank 1 for “ichra pros and cons”
  4. Keyword rank improvements post-simulation

Way Ahead

With all the positive impacts experienced, the client continues to leverage various ALPS features to:

  • Get cutting-edge content, authority, and technical improvement recommendations with minimal effort
  • Identify new opportunity areas to stay competitive in several difficult to rank keywords
  • Continuously create high-performing content 
  • Efficiently manage and improve their entire backlink profile
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