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The client is Asia’s fastest growing omnichannel home interior and renovation platform. Awarded as Best Interior Design Solutions Brand by Global Awards Magazine, the client provides a one-stop renovation solution for all homeowners—from design to managed last mile fulfillment for all rooms in a home. With its presence in 4 countries and 32 cities in Asia, the client has sold over 7.5 million SKUs through its platform.

The Need: Further Improvements in their Organic and Social Results out of their Content Creation Efforts

The client had a huge content writing team responsible for creating approximately 100 social media posts and 50 blog posts every month.

This huge team of content writers was already producing timely and apt content that satiates the need of their target segment. However, they wanted to further improve their overall reach both in social and organic channels.

To achieve this, they wanted to implement a strategical approach to SEO to capture the search demand and get enough mileage they intended to.

Value Realized with ALPS

The client leveraged the ALPS platform to drive location-wise SEO performance improvements without any added content creation efforts and beat the closest competition in each target location (India, Singapore, Malaysia).

Discover new topic ideas with high chances of winning with Topical Authority

To figure out new topic ideas for their content, understand the likelihood of winning on those topics, and know how much new content to create, the client’s team leveraged the ALPS Topical Authority feature.


  •  Identify the topics to target with a high likelihood to win
  •  The content team had a clear idea of which content to create
  •  Improved SEO topical coverage
  •  Competitive intelligence on the competitor’s content topics

Content Briefs to improve Content quality and comprehensiveness

To make their content more comprehensive, be self-sufficient, and create high-quality content efficiently for location-wise non-branded keywords like hotel room design, bathroom interior design, bathroom designs, etc., the client’s team leveraged the ALPS Content Brief feature.


  •  Improved content strategy
  •  Uplift in the traffic and rank improvements for non-branded keywords
  •  Self-sufficiency
  •  Better traction on search
  •  Better alignment between the teams for the scope of the content pieces
  •  Throughput of the number of the content created increased

Content Simulation to ensure improved reach with no added efforts

To optimize their content for both organic and social channels, ensure their content can be read by humans and search engines, and improve content scores, the client leveraged the ALPS Simulation feature.


  •  Increased number of pages ranking on Page 1
  •  Increase in social shares of the content pieces
  •  Efficiently created SEO-optimized copies
  •  Improved Content Marketing efforts
  •  Improved content performance
  •  Objectively measured the Content scores for themselves and their competition
  •  Articles started getting shared more due to the improvement in the search performance

Results: 70% of the keywords showed positive rank improvement post ALPS simulation

Post using the ALPS features, the client started to drive significant location-wise SEO performance improvements and beat the closest competition in each of their target locations (India, Singapore, Malaysia) from within 22nd, Nov 2021 to 22nd, June 2022.

1. 70% of the keywords simulated using ALPS showed positive rank improvement, 29% of Keywords moved to Page 1

  • Out of 504 keywords used for simulation, 353 keywords showed positive rank improvement 
  • 427 keywords are mapped to India market URLs
  • Out of 350 keywords that moved to page 1, 314 keywords are from the Indian market
  • 59 not ranking keywords showed improved performance – 27 of them moved to Page 1

2. Increase in Page 1 Keywords led to an increase in traffic potential

  • Increase in the number of keywords on Page 1 and Search Volume has improved traffic potential
  • Out of 504 keywords used for simulation, 350 keywords started ranking on page 1
  • Increase in the number of keywords on Page 1 and Search Volume has improved traffic potential
  • Out of 504 keywords used for simulation, 350 keywords started ranking on page 1

3. 27% of keywords mapped to new pages created using ALPS have moved to Page 1

  • Out of 53 pages, 24 pages started ranking for keywords on page 1 (27% moved to page 1)
  • Keyword rank improvement to page 1 – India 27%, Singapore 11%, Malaysia 15%
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