About Client

Founded in 2010, the client is a cloud-based enterprise that brings in a range of product suites, including sales CRM software, recruitment tools, and customer-support helpdesk software. Listed with Nasdaq, the client serves over 50,000 companies worldwide and delivers modern SaaS products to enable better customer and employee experience.

The Challenge

The client had an SEO Team and an Integrated Marketing Team (responsible for creating content) with 40+ members working on 6 different products. Due to this complexity, maintaining efficiency and ensuring consistent content quality across teams was challenging.

The Content team needed continuous support and guidance from the SEO team to research the topics, provide content guidelines, prioritize the topics, and review the content before publication.

There were multiple iterations and manual interventions between the two teams. This resulted in the overall loss of quality, productivity, and efficiency in the content creation process.


The Goals

The client had an SEO Team and an Integrated Marketing Team (responsible for creating content) with 40+ members working on 6 different products. Due to this complexity, maintaining efficiency and ensuring consistent content quality across teams was challenging.

Specific objectives the client wanted to achieve:

  • Get key pages to rank organically on Page 1 by improving the quality of content produced
  • Increase the velocity of quality content by simplifying the content creation process
  • Enable the SEO team with data and analysis to prioritize opportunities faster
  • Easy to use performance tracking system to identify issues and underlying reasons

Role of ALPS

Value Realized with ALPS

Multiple iterations and interaction between teams were simplified by implementing the ALPS platform into 4 key areas to save time, improve quality, and drive superior results

Content Simulation to ensure optimum content performance

To beat the competition, the client needed to improve the content’s quality. Using ALPS, they could objectively measure content scores for themselves and their competition. Internally they put a threshold content score of 7.5, and using the Content Simulation feature, they could optimize and surpass the threshold score.


  • Improved content quality
  • 74% more keywords started ranking on Page 1
  • Post-publish, the content started ranking quickly
  • 100s of content pieces were optimized using ALPS within just 5 months

Due to these proven performance improvements, the entire Content team has started leveraging this feature. As a result, the SEO teams could focus more on the strategic side of their SEO program.

Content Brief to reduce research time and improve content quality

To reduce their dependency on the SEO teams for creating content outlines, the content team started leveraging the ALPS Content Brief feature. This allowed them to create comprehensive and well-researched content outlines all by themselves in minutes which helped them create high-quality content at scale.


  • 50% improvement in content velocity
  • Reduced dependency on the SEO teams for content outlines
  • Huge reduction in the manual research time
  • Improved consistency of the content created across teams
  • Better quality first draft with comprehensive content
  • The SEO teams could strategically support the content produced

Page Scoring and Benchmarking to ensure effective Gap measurement

To expedite the strategic planning process, the client’s SEO team leveraged the ALPS Page Scoring and Benchmarking feature. They could objectively identify gaps against high-ranking competition and prioritize the improvement areas where they have maximum likelihood of winning.

This was a significant improvement over their earlier process, where they prioritized efforts based on generic parameters like search volume, difficulty scores, etc.


  • Gap analysis became 10X faster, from 3 weeks down to just a couple of days
  • Right prioritization of SEO initiatives led to faster realization of results
  • Clear plan of action to improve organic performance of every page 
  • Faster strategic analysis led to coverage of a larger number of pages

Measurement and Reporting for efficient SEO governance

To stay on top of their SEO program and take early corrective actions, the client’s SEO teams started extensively leveraging the ALPS Measurement and Reporting feature.


  • Eliminated the need for analyzing data from multiple tools and parameters manually 
  • Early indication of SEO performance changes
  •  Ability to track and measure all SEO performance parameters from a single dashboard


Within just 5 months of using ALPS, the client noticed marked improvements in their overall SEO performance for all target websites like:

  • 31 high-importance keywords not ranking previously started ranking on Page 1
  • The client noticed an overall improvement in traffic and CTR trends for all target keywords and pages
  • The client can now easily oversee and govern all its SEO performance from one single ALPS platform

ALPS Features Leveraged

Content Simulation

Eliminate guesswork and accurately validate the rank and traffic impact of your content before publishing

Content Briefs

Save hours of research time and create high-performing content output every time with auto-generated, comprehensive, and well-researched brief

SEO Performance and Monitoring

Find the organic performance of all key SEO metrics in one place. Measure, track, and compare organic search performance over time

Looking Ahead

The client continues leveraging the ALPS platform for various features to improve their SEO efforts to drive rank and traffic improvements. Now, they want to track the share of voice and topical authority for their niche and understand the competitive landscape for the same.

ALPS’s SOV reports and topical authority modules combined with the scores report will help the client identify content, technical and authority gaps at once. This will also help them prioritize topics not doing so well and allow them to stay on top of the entire competitive landscape in their niche.

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